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Couple of the Month

  • Jacob and Regina Jennings’ Story:
     My name is Regina and I met Jacob 3 years ago on my 21st birthday! He was dating a girl that I went to school with! They broke up, she moved and 5 months later we started dating! …
     We had been together about 2 1/2 years when he proposed to me. Jake didn’t like to talk about getting married at all. So it was never really brought up. I wasn’t in a rush to get married and I knew that he wasn’t going to ask until he was ready, so there was really nothing to even discuss. Ha!
    So sometime in late September I had decided that I wanted us to take some professional pictures since we had never done that and I thought it would be nice! I made the appointment for November 3rd, for a beautiful fall day! I had to work that morning and little did I know that that morning he drove to my parents house and ask for my hand. My Mother was shocked, but cried and cried with excitement. My Dad said “Sure, why not.” (They love him, I don’t know why he was so nonchalant about it)
    Any way so I get off work that day come home shower and get ready. I had picked out our outfits so we matched and everything! I basically set up the perfect engagement for him!! And he just used what was given to him. We joked all the time about how it would be ten years before we got engaged, and I would just laugh and laugh about that. On the way to the session I even commented and said these pictures will look nothing like our engagement pictures because we will be grey haired and old by then!
    So when we get to the session, before it even starts I say to the photographer (a friend of Jake’s brother) now when you put a preview picture on Facebook please put in the caption…”Yes they are in love, but no they are still not engaged.” She just looked at me and awkwardly laughed. (She knew the big secret!!) So we started to take some pictures, we took some standing up and then took some sitting down. Then as soon as we stood back up he took my hands and said I can’t wait any longer…he said I was looking at him like “quit jacking around we are taking pictures.” I am not really sure what he said after that. I was SHOCKED!!! I mean Shocked!!! As in I didn’t think it was real until I heard the photographer start clicking her camera and then I knew it was real. I am sure he told me he loved me more than anything and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. (He doesn’t remember what he said either) I said yes of course!!! I don’t think he could have done it any better. I always told him I wanted to be shocked. I didn’t ever even kind of want to know when it was going to happen and he did just that. I thought we were a year or two out and we weren’t!!! How exciting!