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  • Jon and Kaci Pfaff

    Jon and I actually met in college at Missouri State University. We always ended up in the same group together in our insurance business class. After several weeks of doing group projects together we went out (or I should actually say stayed in) and watched the movie, Out Cold. Little did we know that 2 years later we would be happily engaged. …

    The Proposal:

    Link to the proposal video:

    The Story:

    Jon proposed to me at Copper Mountain, Colorado on the first day of skiing. I went to ski school that morning having never skied before. After ski school Jon’s dad, uncle, and brother decided to take me up on the mountain and ski with me (one of the easier slopes). I was disappointed that Jon wasn’t going to go ski with me on my first run. He said the bindings on his boots were not working properly, and it was going to be awhile until he came up the mountain. Little did I know he was waiting for me the whole time at the bottom of the mountain with his mom and aunt. I was coming down the mountain and had a big fall. As I was getting up I noticed a big sign at the bottom that said “Kaci LeAnn, Will you marry me?” My first thought was “Oh, that’s cute – someone is getting engaged.” Then as I was getting my ski’s back on I realized that it was Jon at the bottom of the mountain, down on one knee with a ring in his hand. I instantly dropped my ski poles. I ended up falling back down as I was trying to ski towards him. I gave up on the skiis and ran to him (in the uncomfortable ski boots). He then asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him which I instantly said yes! I first was completely taken by surprised when he asked me to marry him because I was not expecting it all. We had talked about getting married later in the year. He had it all planned out right underneath my nose and everyone knew about it! I still to this day can’t stop smiling and am happier than I could ever be. God has truly blessed us! On July 26th, I will be marrying my partner for life, love of my life, and my best friend! There are not enough words to describe how I feel about Jon!