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  • Jordan Fry and Sarah Melton
    Once upon a time… a family with three little boys moved across the street from a family with three little girls. The eldest children from each family were named Jordan and Sarah. When they first met, she was 5 years old, and he was 7. They were playmates and friends. Their families were close; the mothers became best friends. When Sarah was 8, her world changed. Her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Sarah’s family moved away from the idyllic neighborhood as her mother’s illness took its toll on the family. Sarah’s mother lost her battle with cancer five years later. Jordan’s family remained a big part of Sarah and her siblings’ lives throughout all of this and continued to provide emotional support to the girls. The years passed, and Sarah and Jordan graduated from high school and began college. Jordan was president of his fraternity, so when Sarah and her friends went to a Lambda Chi frat party at Drury University, he was there to greet her. The old friends embraced, and sparks flew! A new chapter in their lives had begun. Their love continued to blossom, and on July 5, 2012, Jordan proposed to Sarah on bended knee in the surf at Destin, Florida. He said he’d loved Sarah since they were children, and if she hadn’t played so “hard to get” for 16 years, they could have been together a lot sooner! Her engagement ring contains two diamonds from her mother’s ring, placed on either side of a perfect center stone, thus symbolically recognizing this beautiful, loving couple’s past, present and future. On May 24, 2013, they’ll marry and move on to the next chapter of this fairytale romance, and begin their journey toward “happily ever after”!