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  • Eric and Jennifer Whitmore

    Our story goes something like this: We both worked at the hospital together, but in different departments. Our paths crossed often, I noticed Eric but didn’t think he noticed me. After several months, he asked me out. He says his coworkers encouraged him to ask me out each time I came around his floor. We went out and I was hooked, so was he.
     After dating for just over …a year, Eric took me on a date in our favorite park in Springfield; I could tell something was up since Eric seemed nervous. We walked to a beautiful flower garden and he went down to tie his shoe. He looked up and had a green ring box in his hands. He told me he loved me, that I am his best friend and that he wanted to spend his life with me, then he asked if I’d marry him. I definitely said yes. On December 8, 2012 we were married. We both look forward to our future together.  

    Thanks for sharing our story and providing us with a great set of rings.