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Colored Stones

  • Gemstones are more popular than ever. While it’s common for people to buy their birthstone – you don’t have to! The key is to just buy what you like. Like all of our inventory, our gemstones are all hand-picked and quality assured. Don’t be surprised when people start staring at your gemstones from Mitchum Jewelers.

    Learn more about gemstones at the Gemological Institute of America.

    JANUARY garnet

    FEBRUARY amethyst

    MARCH aquamarine

    APRIL diamond

    MAY emerald

    JUNE pearl / alexandrite

    JULY ruby

    AUGUST peridot

    SEPTEMBER sapphire

    OCTOBER opal / pink tourmaline

    NOVEMBER citrine / topaz

    DECEMBER blue topaz / turquoise / zircon

    For those who want to incorporate something vibrant into any outfit, gemstone jewelry is a phenomenal choice. Whether you find yourself drawn to vivid reds, deep blues, or lush greens, you can be certain to find a unique piece that speaks to you. We personally select each piece based on its degree of color and quality. Add a little color to your wardrobe!